Thursday:  7:00pm-Midnight
Friday: 6:00pm-Midnight
Saturday: 1:00pm-Midnight
Sunday: 1:00pm-8:00pm

Holiday Hours
Friday, 12/15/2017 7:30-Midnight
Sunday,  12/24/2017 Christmas Eve: Closed 
Monday, 12/25/2017 Christmas Day: Closed
Tuesday, 12/26/2017: 1:00pm-10:00pm
Wednesday, 12/27/2017: 1:00pm-10:00pm
Thursday, 12/28/2017: 1:00pm-Midnight
Friday, 12/29/2017: 1:00pm-Midnight
Saturday, 12/30/2017: 1:00pm-Midnight
Sunday, 12/31/2017 New Years Eve: 1:00pm-1:00am
Monday, 01/01/2018 New Years Day: Closed
Tuesday, 01/02/2018 : Closed
Wednesday, 01/03/2018: Closed
Thursday, 01/04/2018: Back To Normal Hours

The arcade consists of 2 “zones”.  The Quarter Zone and the Free Play Zone

Quarter Zone: $.25-$1.00 Per Play
The Quarter Zone has pinball machines, air hockey, foosball, ticket games, claw machines, prize games and a few video games.  All games in the Quarter Zone take quarters, and range from 25 cents to 1 dollar per play.

Free Play Zone: $5.00-1 Hour / $10.00-3 Hours
The Fee Play Zone has video games of all types, from all different eras.  All games, in the Free Play Zone, are set to “free play” and charged hourly.  Time in the Free Play Zone can be purchased in 1 hour or 3 hour increments.  The charge for 1 hour is $5.00.  The charge for 3 hours is $10.00.  Time increments can be combined to extend your play time.  There is no entry, for any reason, into the Free Play Zone without paid admission.

We adhere to a strict behavior policy and will not tolerate any customers acting in a fashion that makes other customers feel unsafe or unreasonably uncomfortable. Many of the games in Full Blast Arcade & Amusement are over 20 years old and have been painstaking restored to a working condition for all our customers to enjoy. Following the base rule set below, will help ensure that all customers have a safe and enjoyable experience, and help our games stay in service for as long as possible.

1) Anyone acting in a fashion which we determine to be detrimental to other customers having an safe and unthreading experience, will be removed from the facility*, without refund.

2) Anyone slapping, punching, kicking or in any way abusing the games in a fashion we determine detrimental to the games, will be removed from the facility*, without refund.

3) Absolutely no food or beverages in the Free Play Zone or the Quarter Zone.  All food and beverages are to be kept in the seating areas.

4) Absolutely no gum or tobacco products are allowed in the facility.

5) Anyone suspected of being on, using, or possessing illegal drugs, will be removed from the facility*

6) No chairs or stools, of any type, in the Quarter Zone or Free Play Zone. Chairs and stools must stay in the seating areas.

7) No outside step stools allowed in the facility.

8) No strollers, baby carriages, baskets or other “wheeled” or “un-wheeled” child transportation devices, other than wheelchairs, allowed in the Free Play Zone.

9) All children under the age of 10 must have a parent with them at all times in the Free Play Zone**.

10) All children under the age of 16, must have a parent somewhere in the arcade during the entire time that child’s visit. Either in the Free Play Zone, or the Quarter Zone**.

11) We reserve the right to remove anyone, at any time, for any reason from the facility*.

12) All Quarter Play and Free Play Zone sales are final.

*We will not hesitate to call the authorities to remove any customers that will not leave upon our request.

** If legal ID proof of age cannot be presented to the Full Blast staff, the Full Blast staff will determine a “best guess” age of the child in question. That child will fall under the rules of Full Blast staff’s “best guess” age.